The Directors

美女在线视频_在线日本视频网站www色 was founded by Managing Director Mr F Cleary and Technical Director Mr DJones in 1998 to provide heating and plumbing services in the Berkshire area, initially set up in the home of Mr Cleary.

After purchasing Unit 2 Chiltern Enterprise Centre the company continued to expand, over the next 12 years the company and in June 2010 Lead Engineer Mr R Gale was promoted Operations Director after assisting with the retention of a large housing contract.

Following Mr Gale’s promotion, the companies expansion continued and in 2014 美女在线视频_在线日本视频网站www色 purchased Unit 4 Chiltern Enterprise Centre and Unit 3 in 2017. Following a year-long refurbishment, our 13 strong office team moved into the new offices early 2018.

Mr F Cleary retired on 20th December 2017, and the company is now led by Operations Director Mr R Gale & Technical Director Mr D Jones.

Now in its 20th-year 美女在线视频_在线日本视频网站www色 has expanded the services it offers, and now provides installation and maintenance services in the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, electrical, ventilation, lightning protection, gutter cleaning and renewable energies sectors.

The status of the Company in its chosen field for the provision of a professional product and service is well established. It is proud of its ability to be able to meet the specifications and standards set by its customers.

Technical Director Mr D Jones

In this role, Technical Director Mr D Jones attends site carrying out a full site survey to provide a comprehensive, detailed plan of how the installation of all large projects will be carried out in accordance with our customer's requirements, alongside our ongoing commitment to Health & Safety.

Once the project is approved he will then draw up plans using AutoCAD so engineers working on site know exactly what they are to be doing. Mr D Jones also works on all of the PQQ & Tender documents that the company carries out each year providing Technical guidance and costings. Additionally, David also attends most of the company’s Commercial quotations*

Operations Director Mr R Gale

Operations Director Mr R Gale is principally based with Advanced Maintenance UK LTD’s largest account A2 Dominion Housing Group. Having worked with A2 Dominion Housing Group previously, Mr Gale has used his thorough knowledge of the account to move it onwards and upwards.

Ricky's expertise in knowing where to move next in the market means that 美女在线视频_在线日本视频网站www色 has been able to offer A2 Dominion all of the latest services including working on the NIBE systems when many other companies were not yet able to work on. Mr Gale also attends most of the company’s domestic quotations*.

*Advanced Maintenance UK LTD offers our customers a free of charge, no obligation quotation service for all new heating system installations. Depending on the size of the system one of our Directors will attend the property, discuss your requirements and provide a quotation to you as soon as possible to meet your needs.   

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