Green Energy

Green Energy

美女在线视频_在线日本视频网站www色 offers advice on the full range of green energy options, our engineers are trained in the installation and repair of all popular renewable energy systems. With energy prices set to continue to rise considerably over the next few many customers are choosing renewable energy sources as a way of ensuring financial savings on energy costs.

美女在线视频_在线日本视频网站www色 offer advice on the full range of green energy options. Our engineers are trained in the installation and repair of all popular renewable energy systems.

For domestic and commercial customers, solar panels can be fitted to work with an existing heating system and can offer considerable savings. Solar thermal tubes are another option and are highly efficient in our northern European climate. 

In the industrial, commercial and public sectors there is growing pressure for environmental accountability. The carbon emissions of businesses and organisations will soon need to be actively reduced by businesses by law under government plans. Non-compliance with reducing carbon emissions can mean heavy fines.

Making Green Energy work for you

There are many companies who simply buy the ‘kit’ and because they have some heating engineering experience call themselves experts. Our engineers have the specialist training necessary to advise on the best system for your needs and to design and fit both simple and large-scale, complex installations.

Green energy is now widely considered by many experts as the way forward for businesses. We can help you to explore the options and cost savings. Should you decide to go ahead, we’ll help you choose the best system to fit your requirements and fit it in such a way that it achieves maximum energy efficiency.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have the expertise to ensure that systems are fitted with sensitivity to the aesthetics of a building. We pride ourselves in coming up with original and ingenious design solutions that best suit your individual requirements.
Examples of systems include:
  • Solar thermal panels – registered with Genersys plc
  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels
  • Micro combined heat and power (CHP) systems
  • Biomass systems
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Air source heat pumps.

If you’re considering renewable energy and would like to find out how much you could save now and in the future, or for any further information please email or call the team on 01189 303738 option 2, alternatively, you can contact us through the website by visiting Contact Us.