Lightning Protection Services

Lightning Protection Services

In 2015 美女在线视频_在线日本视频网站www色 announced its newest service; Lightning Protection. Our CITB registered and trained Lightning Protection team have been working at sites all over the South East of England carrying out detailed Lightning Protection inspections and remedials.

The 美女在线视频_在线日本视频网站www色.’s Lightning Protection team have been all over the South East carrying our site inspections, designing and installing Lightning Protection Systems and issuing test certificates.

What is a Lightning Protection System?

A Lightning Protection System is designed to protect a building from damage due to lightning strikes by intercepting lightning strikes and safely passing them to ground.

What Lightning Protection Services can you provide?

Our skilled CITB registered and trained Lightning Protection team are able to provide the following services; 

  • Design and installation on all types of new buildings at the planning stage
  • Refurbishment and upgrading of existing systems including bonding of temporary scaffolds and cranes for the duration of building works
  • Annual Lightning protection testing and inspections
  • Certification of all systems after testing
  • Specialist earthing systems
  • Electronic Surge Protection Equipment supplied to BS EN 62305

What happens on a Lightning Protection site inspection?

Our Lightning Protection team will come to the site and carry out a full LPS (Lightning Protection System) inspection. Once completed they will issue you a test certificate and a complete report on the condition of the system along with our recommendations for repairs or upgrades where necessary.

What if I don’t have a Lightning Protection System, how will I know if I need one?

Our knowledge team, have many years of experience in their field, usually, they will be able to assess your requirements over the phone. If deemed an LPS system is required we will then arrange a site survey.

Can you design a system for me?

Of course, the lightning protection system includes a network of air terminals, bonding conductors, and ground electrodes designed to provide a low impedance path to ground for potential strikes. We will arrange for our engineers to attend the site and carry out a specification visit, from their a design can be advised and a full quotation will be provided

To discuss Lightning Protection further, or for any more information please email or call the team on 01189 303738 option 2, alternatively, you can contact us through the website by visiting Contact Us.